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ACTUALLY. This myth gets more interesting. These original “double humans” were comprised of two parts—either both parts male, one part male and one female, or both female. This myth is used to explain why some people are homosexual and why some are straight. Yay Classics. I’M LEARNING SO MUCH IN COLLEGE GUYS

This gets better each time it scrolls through my dash.

As an American, Have You Done This Yet?
It is your privilege and right as a U.S. citizen.

tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?


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My sister really wanted a white female cat when she was little, so my parents took her to a shelter to find one. They had a white cat, but it was a male named Tommy. Instead of looking elsewhere, my parents just took it in a renamed it Sally, and we treated it like a girl for the 16 years it was alive. I wonder if it ever knew… Pet Stories: Gender Confused Cat (via collegehumor)

(via collegehumor)


Danger: Ninjas and Pirates and What?
Now I have to put myself in danger to see this.

Carpool gets a new meaning…